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Autonomous cooling system

Taking inspiration from the cold South-American polar winds, El Pampero is a misting apparatus developed by Euro Cooling System.
Originated from our long-standing experience and the top-notch components, this technology can cool down outdoor spaces, where a normal fan is no use.

El Pampero is a mobile and independent cooling system made with guaranteed high-quality and professional parts. This is a quiet, reliable and low-consumption apparatus.
Such innovative outdoor fan is essential to achieve comfort when outside and can reduce temperatures in an area as large as 50 m2.

El Pampero can be used in a number of places. This Euro Cooling System technology can transform open spaces of bars and restaurants into a fresh and comfortable paradise in the summer. The pump can spray more than 70 atmospheres, pulverising water into micro-particles, as to not to humidify the environment.
Hot and crowded occurrences, such as ceremonies and events, are the perfect place to use these nozzles. Moreover, you can use them at the beach or the swimming pool, when you want to sunbathe during the midday hours or just cool down when it is baking hot.
Thanks to El Pampero, it is also possible to cool factories and garages.

  • Practical and quiet
  • Italian quality
  • Totally autonomous
  • Pleasing cooling feeling
  • Perfect for bars and restaurants
  • Powerful and safe
  • 3 modalities

Fields of application:

- Beach and swimming pool
- Important occurences, ceremonies and events
- Bar and restaurant
- Garage and warehouse
- Commercial business
- Workshop and store

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Stay cool outdoors too
Residential and commercial cooling system
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El pampero - il ventilatore nebulizzatore

El Pampero

The misting fan

Easy and effective solution to any need for residential and industrial cooling. It is perfect for bars and restaurants and made with the best, high-quality components. It is quiet, reliable and low-consumption.

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misting fan

El Pampero comes with a handy remote control, a powerful 6-channel radio control with a 100-metre reach. Thanks to this useful remote, you can choose from the different functions available.


misting fan

On the machine, there is a handy control console where you can select the different functions, as well as see the parameters and configurations set, all through led indicators.


misting fan

El Pampero comes with practical and convenient wheels to be moved around easily. These are 4 pivotal wheels installed on ball bearings equipped with a break for positioning the apparatus easily and safely.


misting fan

El Pampero comes with a capacious 60-litre tank, which allows the fan to be completely autonomous, so as not to need it to be connected to the water system. Its autonomy lasts for 5 to 8 hours approximately.


misting fan

Powerful, quiet, top-quality. The core of this machine is a masterwork of precision. The water reaches 70 bars and then is finely sprayed. Industrial pump, electric engine, warranty of quiet functioning.


misting fan

This powerful fan spreads a cooling feeling into an area larger than 50 m2. Setting it is fast and easy, 3 speeds available, the stainless-steel ferrule comes with 5 anti-drop nozzles.


El Pampero

Misting fan

El Pampero

Here are some of the systems for the food business that we installed.
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EXPERIENCEThanks to our long-standing experience, we know exactly how to manufacture the best nozzles. We have been installing thousands of different misting systems during these years.
ITALIAN QUALITYWe care for quality. We are always on the lookout for the best materials and technologies that are later thoroughly checked and carefully tested.
AFTER-SALE SERVICEOur after-sale service is always efficient and put customer satisfaction first, through constant assistance and right training.
TAILOR-MADE SOLUTIONSWe can provide the customer with whatever solution they advance to us, a solution that is tailor-made and specifically designed according to their needs. Do not hesitate to contact us.

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